Subject matter

  1. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in Poland and World, first steps, future directions and current issues.
  2. Post-resuscitation syndrome.
  3. General anesthesia - steps of general anesthesia, position equipment for anesthesia, perioperative monitoring, complications.
  4. Regional anesthesia – central and peripheral blokades, assesment of quality of blokade, perioperative monitoring, complications.
  5. Patient anesthesia with high risk of complications.
  6. Anesthesia in one-day surgery and urgent situations.
  7. New model of haemostasis – practical and therapeutic references.
  8. Coagulation pathway – physiology, pathology, perioperative bleeding, diagnostics, treatment.
  9. Sepsis, SIRS, Severe sepsis, septic shock - diagnostics and treatment.

10. Acute pain - diagnostics and treatment.


  1. Construction of the anaesthetic machine. Basics of replacement ventilation. Ventilation for the face mask. Principles of intubation.
  2. Installation of non-invasive monitoring methods during anesthesia.
  3. Opioid analgesics - pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, side effects.
  4. Regional anesthesia - methods of identification of nerve structures.
  5. Undesirable effects of local anesthetic drugs - the specificity of particular types of anesthesia.
  6. Non-invasive and invasive methods of post-operative pain management.
  7. Installation of non-invasive ICU monitoring methods.
  8. Passive oxygen therapy methods. Non-invasive ventilation. Basic ventilation modes with positive pressures.
  9. Practical aspects of therapy with catecholamines and cardiovascular drugs.
  10. Principles of conducting antibiotic therapy.

Classes topics:
1. OR : General anesthesia : anesthetic workstation equipment, components of an anesthetic machine, general and regional anesthesia drugs pharmacology
2. OR : General anesthesia: airway management, intubation, RSI, unanticipated difficult intubation
3. OR : Regional anesthesia : central neural blockade, peripheral nerve blockade
4. ICU : Fundamentals of mechanical ventilation
5. ICU : Extracorporeal blood purification, gas exchange
6. ICU : Critically ill patient monitoring, vessels cannulation, extended cardiovascular monitoring, cardiovascular system suport
7. ICU : Nutrition therapy, management of brain injury, management of major bleeding and coagulopathy