University Preparation Course

The University Preparation Course 2024 will take place from 16th September. It’s an intensive refresher course before the start of regular classes, welcoming every student of the  School of Medicine University of Warmia and Mazury inOlsztyn. During the course:

  • You will have first Anatomy lectures, classes and a practical PIN test. 
  • You will have first Histology and Embryology lectures, classes.
  • You will have first Biophysics lectures, classes.
  • You will have first Molecular Biology lectures, classes.
  • You will know the Departments location and their regulations.
  • You will receive accomodation at our dorms and useful information.
  • You will meet 2nd year students and learn from them about time management and their experience.
  • You will buy books and white coats.
  • You will receive your student ID card and the online access to the e-books. 
  • You will sign the contract with the University
  • You will have Polish lessons.
  • You will learn about the transport in Olsztyn.
  • You will do the Health Certificate
  • You will know the Polish culture and Polish cuisine. 
  • We will show you the city of Olsztyn.
  • You will learn how to navigate on the campus.
  • You meet new people and make new friends. 
  • You will receive the classes schedule and the groups.
  • During this course will take place the Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Year 2024/2025.
  • At the end of the course you will have a integration trip that will allow you to know your new colleagues.

Cost for the University Preparation Course is 3 500 PLN (not including accomodation and living expenses).

For further information please contact us by email: