A student of another university, upon completing the first year of studies at a 6-year medicine program where the language of instruction was English, may apply to transfer to the School of Medicine University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

To verify if the transfer might be accepted by the Dean the transfer student should send per e-mail a scan of the following document:

  1.  Written request of the transfer student
  2.  Statement from the current university that the transfer student is studying medicine in English in a 6-year program
  3.  Statement from the current university that the student is not suspended, no disciplinary proceedings are pending against the student or pending removal from the list of students 
  4.  Statement from the current university what was the recruitment criteria as well as what was the student recruitment score
  5.  Transcript of records including such informations as year of studies, subjects, number of hours, grades, ECTS, kind of assessment
  6.  Curriculum of the 6-year program
  7.  Photocopy of passport

The above mentioned documents should be emailed to:


We take under consideration only applicants who fulfill all requirements.

Application deadline for academic year 2021/2022 transfer students is 1st of July 2021.


After positive reply, the applicant will receive futher information about the next steps and documents needed to be send to the University so she/he can receive the official Dean decision.