Clinic of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Internal Medicine is carrying out its own research project from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "The impact of dietary patterns of women with a history of gestational diabetes on the development of the metabolic syndrome in women and overweight and obesity in the offspring" - the registration number of their own research project N N404 521938. The scientific goal of the project is to determine the effect of nutrition on the development of models carbohydrate metabolism disorders, obesity and / or metabolic syndrome in women with a history of gestational diabetes and their offspring through a prospective evaluation of the energy and nutritional supplements in women with gestational diabetes, a prospective two-year evaluation of the impact of nutritional models in women with a history of gestational diabetes on carbohydrate metabolism (pre-diabetes, diabetes), the prevalence of obesity and other components of the metabolic syndrome, a prospective two year follow-up effects of diet during pregnancy complicated by diabetes in the offspring somatic development with particular emphasis on the occurrence of overweight and obesity, and a 2-year prospective observation of the impact of nutritional models, in the offspring of women with gestational diabetes, the prevalence of overweight and obesity.