Syllabuses - academic year 2022/2023

1st Year 


2nd Year 


Semester I


Semester III

Anatomy 1/2 Biochemistry 2/2 
Biophysics Basic of Nutrition 
First Aid in Emergency Situations  Health Psychology  
Histology with Cytophysiology and Embryology 1/2 Hygiene and Epidemiology 
History of Medicine Immunology 
Integrated and Interdisciplinary Training   1/4 Medical Sociology 
Medical Ethics Physical Education 
Molecular Biology and Genetics Polish 3/3 
Polish 1/3 Physiology 1/2 
Problem Based Learning (PBL) 1/5   

Semester II


Semester  IV

Anatomy 2/2 Clinical Skills Labs 2/5 
Biochemistry 1/2 Introduction to Dentistry 
Clinical Skills Labs 1/5 Medical Parasitology 
Histology with Cytophysiology and Embryology 2/2  Microbiology 
Information Technology and Biostatistics Pathology 1/2 
Integrated and Interdisciplinary Training  2/4 Pharmacology and Toxicology 1/3 
Medical Professionalism Physiology 2/2 
Polish 2/3 Public Health 
Problem Based Learning (PBL) 2/5 Summer Clerkship  2/5 
Summer Clerkship 1/5   


3rd Year 


4th Year 


Semester V


Semester VII

Clinical Skills Labs 3/5 Diagnostic Imaging 2/2 
Integrated Modular Training 1/2 Geriatrics 
Internal Medicine 1/8 Integrated and Interdisciplinary Training  4/4 
Laboratory Diagnostics  Internal Medicine 3/8 
Pathology 2/2 Neurology 
Pathophysiology Ophthalmology 
Pediatrics 1/6 Otorhinolaryngology 
Pharmacology and Toxicology 2/3 Pediatrics 3/6 
Problem Based Learning (PBL) 3/5 Problem Based Learning (PBL) 5/5 
  Surgery 2/5 

Semester  VI 


Semester VIII

Diagnostic Imaging 1/2 Clinical Genetics 
Dermatology  Clinical Skills Labs 4/5 
Integrated and Interdisciplinary Training 3/4 EBM with Elements of Medical Statistics   
Internal Medicine  2/8 Infectious Diseases 
Medical Communication 1/3 Integrated Modular Training 2/2 
Nuclear Medicine Internal Medicine 4/8 
Pediatrics 2/6 Medical Communication 2/3 
Pharmacology and Toxicology   3/3 Orthopedics with Traumatology 
Problem Based Learning (PBL) 4/5 Pediatrics  4/6 
Surgery  1/5 Rehabilitation 
Summer Clerkship 3/5 Surgery 3/5 
  Summer Clerkship 4/5 

5th Year 


6th Year 


Semester IX


Semester XI

Clinical Pharmacology Gynecology and Obstetrics 3/3  
Clinical Skills Labs 5/5 Internal Medicine 7/8 
Family Medicine 1/2 Pediatrics 6/6  
Forensic Medicine Psychiatry 2/2 
Gynecology and Obstetrics 1/3 Surgery 5/5  
Internal Medicine 5/8   
Medical Communication 3/3   
Medical Law and Deontology   
Oncologic Surgery   
Palliative Medicine   

Semester   X


Semester XII

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care  Emergency Medicine    
Emergency Medicine with Elements of Disaster Medicine  Family Medicine 2/2  
Gynecology and Obstetrics  2/3 Internal Medicine 8/8  
Internal Medicine 6/8   
Pediatrics  5/6   
Psychiatry 1/2   
Surgery 4/5    
Summer Clerkship 5/5   


Elective courses

Biological Hazards in Tropics


BTLS with Elements of Nursing

Disorders of the Human Immunological System

Applications of biophysics in medical diagnostics and treatment

Anthropology of Medicine 

Fundamentals of virology