System of teaching

Olsztyn, 10th November 2020

Dear Students,
Due to many questions to the Dean's Office in regards to the system of teaching at UWM School of Medicine, we would like to inform you, that at that moment we are continuing the hybrid system of teaching. The Government announcement in regards to limitations at that moment is not affecting the medicine studies.
All lectures and seminars are held in the online form. Practical classes are mainly held in the in-person form however due to pandemic situations the course coordinator will make individual decisions in regards to the change of the teaching system from in-person to online.
The above mentioned information is a matter of change if our Government would implement the National Lockdown. In such a case after the Government announcement the Rector would take any further actions to follow the Prime MInister Ordinance.

Board of the Deans:


dr hab. n. med. Leszek Gromadziński, prof. UWM

Vice Dean for English division students and development

dr n. med. Rakesh Jalali

Vice Dean for student affairs and education

dr hab. n. med. Agnieszka Skowrońska, prof. UWM